About Me

Hi there!! My name is Elaine and welcome to my True Running blog.

I’ve completed 12 marathons including NYC Marathon 2002 2003 2008, Toronto Scotiabank Marathon 2 times, Mississauga Marathon 2 times, Toronto Goodlife Marathon 3 times, Paris Marathon 2010, and Tokyo Marathon 2011.

The focus of my blog is changing as I’m modifying my workout routines towards my new athletic aspirations.  I hope to one day complete a full Ironman and this blog will take you through the arduous journey towards completing it one day.  Hopefully this goal will be achievable within the next few years.  This definitely cannot happen overnight.    I’m a marathon runner and after a marathon of 4.5 hours I’m totally dead.  Imagine doing 11 – 12 hours to continuous exercise.   I will have to build up my mental, endurance and body strength in order to survive this.    The swim is my weakest link.    Full Ironman distance for swim/bike/run equates to 140.6 miles in total.

Swim = 2.4 miles (3.86 km)

Bike = 112 miles (180.25 km)

Run = 26.2 miles (42.2 km)

I will continue to blog about everything related to my workouts, cross training, triathlon races, triathlon purchases, cycling related, what I learn from triathlons, tips for beginners for getting into triathlons, and more.  I will write as I learn since this is my first time getting into this sport.  It is a real learning experience for me.  I want to share these experiences with you.  I also welcome and (desperately need) any advice on completing or training for triathlons too.  So any tips are appreciated!!