And the #1 New Years Resolution is…

And the #1 New Years Resolution is…

I want to lose weight in the new year. Exercise and dieting will be my #1 goal. Getting off the couch and start shedding the burgers, casseroles, chips and chocolate pounds I’ve gained during the winter hibernation season will be tough but doable. I have to set a goal further into the year so I can continuously train for it even after my marathon. So, I’m looking into purchasing a bike and get more involved in cycling, running and swimming during the spring and summer seasons. I want to train up for a triathlon, get my face wet in a lake. Hey if all those girls can do it, so can I! Are you up for the challenge? I’ll have to find a better bike instead of my rusty 20 lb mountain bike.

Losing weight by dieting is important just as exercising is to keep the weight off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diets are hard because they restrict food and being a vegetarian, I’m pretty limited in my food choices. Making leaves taste good will be a struggle, as it is already but I’ll try to eat more salad, tomatoes, and all those power fruits like berries, apples and grapes.

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