Apply sunscreen before your run

It’s great to run outdoors during the spring or summer but remember to protect yourself from the sun.  You might not feel it immediately but after an hour or two in the sun will severely damage your skin.   You want to be healthy, keep your skin well protected.   Surprisingly I read that only 56% of runners actually use sunscreen and form abnormal moles and lesions.   Especially now in the summer, it is hard to stay away from the sun.  Run early in the morning or late at night when the sun is not strong.  The UV rays are less damaging.

Wear sunscreen that have at least SPF 30 and protect from UV-A and UV-B.  UV-A is important because it is the penetrates the most out of the two.  Since running makes you sweat a lot, it is also recommended to choose a sunscreen that is waterproof and apply it at least 20 minutes before you head out for your run.

A good product that is recommended is Neutrogena.

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