Running Faster

Running Faster

Every runner wants to run faster.  So it’s important not only to work on endurance but to strengthen your legs to improve your running speed.  A good technique to incorporate into your Tempo Speed training is use a technique called “Speed Play”.

Speed Play is great training for racers who wants to harness that extra power for a strong finish or to push ahead of a group of runners.  This method simply alternates 200 meter runs with fast and recovery speeds.  I usually run 40 seconds fast and then a 30 seconds recovery.   This trains your body to shift gears when you’re racing and feeling tired.  This method is very effective in races and extremely tiring.   I usually put this speed training into use when I hit the last mile of my race.

Initially it’s hard to gauge what your pace should be when you run the faster 200s, but just remember it should be a pace faster than you would normally run in long interval training.  For intermediate runners this pace is your 1 mile race pace.  The recovery 200s allows for buffering of pain (lactic acid).  These pace changes help fortify your surges when you’re running a race.

I usually repeat Speed Play about 7 to 8 times which is about 10 minutes of pure running.  If needed you can take a minute rest in between each iteration.  Here’s a tip on how you can incorporate Speed Play into your speed training efforts.  Please make sure you do not have any heart conditions before attempting.

For Beginner Runners:

  1. Run 15 mins warmup.
  2. Run 15 mins Tempo Speed training.
  3. Run 7 mins of Speed Play with a minute rest in between each iteration.
  4. Run 20 mins cool down.
  5. Remember to stretch after your run.

For intermediate runners:

  1. Run 30 mins warmup.
  2. Run 30 mins of Tempo Speed training.
  3. Run 15 mins of alternating the Speed Play – You can rest for a minute in between each iteration.
  4. Run 30 mins cool down.
  5. Remember to stretch after your runs.

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