Beginner Distance

Before I started running I sometimes walked over to the corner to pick up the mail, but sometimes I was even to lazy to do that, I would just drive over. When I started running I always had the question, what’s a good distance to run and how long? It’s very hard to measure how far you should run when you start. It really depends on your fitness level and stamina. For someone who has never worked out before in their life will have a different starting point than the person who works out at the gym everyday. The person works out everyday will have more strength in their legs, back, arms and probably have more stamina to last longer. For the beginner who has never worked out before, will have to build up that body strength and slowly build up that cardio.

For the absolute beginner runner I would suggest 20 minutes or 2 miles to start. Running schedules are different for everyone and here is another example of a training schedule you can try.  Try brisk walking for 20 minutes everyday for a week to get your body warmed up and used to the idea of getting into cardio exercises. The next week, you should pick three days and your workout should be a warm up of brisk walking and light jogging for a few minutes separated by more brisk walking.  See below.    If you complete week two, you are ready to increase your light jog mileage and slowly remove the walking from the routine.

Alternate between
jog (mins) walk (mins)
Week 2 5 warmup
1 1
2 1
2 1
1 1
5 cooldown

If you are fit and go the gym everyday, you should start with minimum of 20 minutes. You can jog 5 mins and walk 1 min and repeat until you reach 20 minutes. Try to jog at a speed that makes you feel comfortable. This isn’t a race. If you run too fast right now you will tire yourself out. You have to learn to pace yourself first before you can get faster and last longer.

If you don’t like the “run 10 min and walk 1 min” strategy, you can always jog 20 minutes straight.  Make sure you run at a speed slightly faster than your brisk walking.  Take lots of water with you if you are running during the summer and Be Safe.

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