Best marathons around the world

Most marathoners travel around the world to run races.  If you complete a marathon where you live, usually you want to complete another marathon somewhere else.  Although still impressive, it gets boring and does not seem as challenging if you run the same marathon too may times.   I’ve looked at all the marathons in the world and these places look the most interesting and have the best reviews.  I live in Toronto and Toronto has a great marathon.  So in addition to Toronto, these are my top 10 unique marathons around the world and the marathon month.  For most of them you have to register a few months to a year in advance.

  1. Dubai Marathon – January
  2. Walt Disney Marathon – January
  3. Tokyo Marathon – February
  4. Paris Marathon – April
  5. London Marathon – April
  6. San Diego Marathon – June
  7. Berlin Marathon – September
  8. Sydney, Australia Marathon – September
  9. New York Marathon – November
  10. Honululu Marathon – December

I can cross New York Marathon off my list, so 9 more to go!  Then I’ll hang up my running shoes …. or maybe not.

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