Best Post Recovery Drinks

Best Post Recovery Drinks

In the past, after 3 hour long runs, my legs were super tired, well my whole body was really tired. I usually took a 2 hour nap after wards just to be able to function properly in the afternoons. The next day my legs felt like lead and I definitely wasn’t performing at my max when playing softball or ultimate.

I was drinking tons water and Gatorade, eating bananas and other fruits which I thought was the best way to recover but it was obviously not enough. My muscles needed something to help speed up recovery because I was always feeling drained the next day and I am pretty active in sports. Everyday I am doing a different sport. In addition to long distance running and training for marathons, sometimes I swim run and weight lift in the same day. Then I’m biking, running and playing softball the next. So a few months ago, I decided to investigate a little into muscle recovery drinks and there are a few on the market. Endurox Accelerade, and Endurox Endurox R4 were at the top of my list. These products advertised that they help speed up muscle recovery, enhance rehydration,extend endurance, and reduces muscle damage.

Endurox R4 and Accelerade are made by the same company “Endurox”. They all use a very popular Carbohydrate-protein ratio (four grams of carbohydrate for every one gram of protein) also known as the 4:1 ratio. Endurox Accelerade is a formula sports drink that should be consumed during and Eurodox Endurox R4 (yes the product name is also Endurox) is taken within 2 hours after running.

During long runs, the body breaks down muscle to meet energy needs. After doing some research it shows that consuming Accelerade or Endurox R4, both carbohydrate-protein sports drink during running can minimize muscle breakdown. Carbohydrate is necessary to give you back the energy and protein is just enough start rebuilding muscle. Protein provides amino acids necessary to rebuild muscle tissue that is damaged during intense long runs. It can also increase the absorption of water from the intestines and improve muscle hydration. If you eat more protein than that, it has negative impact because it slows down all the benefits it would normally provide.

In regards to taste, Endurox Accelerade is more refreshing and tastes more like gatorade while Endurox R4 has a more cremier and thicker taste to it like a creamy smoothie. They both have a wide variety of flavours. For the Endurox Accelerade my favourite are Orange and Lemon Lime. I don’t really like creamy sports drinks but Endurox Endurox R4 Chocolate and Fruit Punch appealed to me more.

Both these products are great taken together for maximum results but it will work just as good to take just one. I suggest taking the Endurox Accelerade. It helped in my muscle recovery, improved my protein balance and also decreased the soreness I usually got after running so the next day I could perform at my max in my other sports.

Click to find recommended flavours of Endurox Accelerade:

Endurox Accelerade, 60 Servings, Lemon Lime
Price $47.99 On Sale $38.39
Endurox Accelerade, 60 Servings, Orange Price $47.99 On Sale $38.39

Click to find recommended flavours of Endurox Endurox R4:

Endurox Endurox R4, 4.63 Lbs., Chocolate
Price $54.99 On Sale $43.99
Endurox Endurox R4, 4.63 Lbs., Fruit Punch Price $54.99 On Sale $43.99

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