Best running surfaces for your feet

Best part of running is that you can take your running shoes anywhere and go for a run.   If you run outdoors the only thing that changes is the running surfaces and not all surfaces are the best for you.   From the softness of the ground to uneven trails, they all make a different impact on your legs.  Running on a soft and flat surface will reduce the chances of injuries to your joints in the future.

Best running surfaces listed below in descending order.  Detail analysis including pros and cons of each running path will follow shortly.

  1. Running on the grass.
  2. Running on asphalt.
  3. Running in woodland trails.
  4. Running on the track.
  5. Running on the treadmill.
  6. Running on sawdust and wood chip trails.
  7. Running on the beach.
  8. Running on concrete.
  9. Running in the snow.

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