Climbing stairs is a good cross training idea

Climbing stairs is a good cross training idea

Stair climbing is a good cross training idea for runners as it is similar to running hill repeats.  I try to avoid the stairmaster at the gym simply because I find it’s the hardest machine there.  After 2 minutes on the stairmaster, my legs are burning and lungs out of air.  But since looking for alternatives to running, I’ve looked back at stair climbing and have taken it full on.  So far it’s proven with great results to strengthen my quads and hamstrings.

Although climbing stairs on a machine in the gym provides lower impact on your legs, climbing stairs to work or up the subway is free.   Run up the stairs while pumping your arms beside you as if you were running.  It becomes an anaerobic event after 8 to 20 flights of stairs.  It strains your aerobic capacity since this is not a total sprint and requires endurance and muscular strength to complete in a fast time.  Land completely flat on your feet and invest into cross training shoes as incorrect shoes will cause injury to your knees or strain your Achilles tendon.

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