Completed 4th Triathlon this year

Hey everyone.  I was taking an extended break from my site and let you know that I’ve completed my 4th triathlon now! I did the Ottawa Olympic Triathlon on Sat July 30 and Bracebridge Olympic Triathlon Sun August 7.  They were both tough but I was a little more prepared in the Bracebridge and a little slower.   I just want to hug my swim coach!!! I’ve come such a long way.

Both Olympic Triathlon Distances were: 1500 meter swim, 40km bike, 10 km run

The Ottawa was practically a flat course.   The swim was pretty good.  It was a beach start, so everyone just ran in at the same time when the gun went off.   I stood near the back wanting to be the last person swimming, but there was always someone behind me.   The course for cycling was a 10km out and back, so we had to do 4 laps of it to make 40kms.  The course was pretty flat.  The running portion was super hilly.  It was a 5km out and back, so we had to do 2 laps of it.  Then the grass finish.  I got my first ever Triathlon medal.  It was a tiny thing but hey, better than nothing.  I will do this race again.

Ottawa Result:  Overall Time: 3:26.  Swim 2:59 min/100 meter, Bike 25.8 km/hr, Run 6:08 km/hr

It was a Time trial swim start in Bracebridge.  We had to line up according to race bib number.  We went one by one in 5 second intervals.  We lapped the Muskoka river twice.  I swam a lot faster this time.  But the cycling I did very poorly.  It was really hilly and my legs are so weak! I have to start working on my cycling more.  Running was good.  I think I was too tired by then to see which was uphill or downhill.  I promised myself to walk up some hills, but I never saw them again.  No participation medals but got a nice cool dri fit tshirt at the end.  I would definitely do this race again.

Bracebridge Result: Overall Time: 3:28.  Swim 2.44 min/100 meter, Bike 23.4 km/hr, Run 6 min/km

Off to my next race!

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