Completed my Triathlon #5 in Orillia

On Sun August 21, 2011 I finished my 5th triathlon in Orillia. It was a sprint distance – 750 meter swim, 33 km bike and 7 km run.   Overall highlights of the race:

The swim is a beach start, everyone runs into the water at the same time.  They also start in waves according to your age group.  One loop and keep the orange buoys to the right of you at all times.

The Bike was a super hill to start.   I think 40% of the course was uphill and the rest was downhill.  The end is on a downhill too.  Just be careful of the cars because near the middle you bike in a road full of cars and don’t care if they hit someone.

The run starts off on a down hill and onto city roads.  There are cops at all the major intersections.  I thought it was great that were plenty of water stations supplying gatorade or water.   The ending was downhill.  The finish line was ‘around the bend; of the triathlo.

There are no medals given to the finishers.  Great race, I will do it again.

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