Different brands of running shoes

Best part of running is that you need very little equipment plus running outside is free.  Throw on a pair of running shoes, find a suitable time and place to run and you are set.   So, needless to say, running shoes are very important.   These are top brands of running shoes most used by runners.

  • Asics
  • Saucony
  • New Balance
  • Mizuno
  • Pearl Izumi
  • Brooks

Companies spend a lot of money and research to design the perfect pair of running shoes and you should definitely invest in a good pair for your feet.   Running shoes are the shock absorbers and protect your legs and knees from the harsh pounding of the pavement.  Buy a pair of running shoes that are comfortable and match the type or running you are planning to do with the type of feet you have.

Stay tuned for what type of running shoes are out there, how to choose the right pair of running shoes, what to look for when buying a pair of running shoes, what brands the elite runners use,  and when to change your running shoes.

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