Entrance into the NYC Marathon

Entrance into the NYC Marathon

While there is no qualifying time to enter into the NYC Marathon, it is no easy feat to get accepted. Over 60,000 sign up for the marathon but only 30,000 runners get accepted. NYC Marathon hosts the most diverse cultures and showcases the most elite runners in the world. Often celebrities like Katie Holmes, Sean Colmes, Lance Armstrong and Ryan Reynolds to name a few also participated in this great race.

Here I will share with you the different ways you gain entrance into the NYC Marathon.

The first option is guaranteed entrance. The NYC Marathon is organized by the New York Road Runners Club (NYRR) and if you run a certain number of races with them, you get guaranteed acceptance. So say you want to get accepted into the Marathon for Nov 2010, you must run at least 9 races with them in 2009. Those races must say have a “Q” which means it is a marathon qualifier. This is pretty easy because NYRR organizes races fairly frequently. They have one almost every 2 weeks with a variety of distances and good prices too. Their races only cost $10 – $20 with membership. They also put in a new restriction and that is you must volunteer for 1 race during 2009. I guess all the volunteers became runners.  I ran the NYC Marathon twice when I lived there.

The next option is to apply for the marathon through a lottery system.   The lottery is usually open to the public in April and closes in June of the same marathon year.   In mid-June they pick from all the applicants and finally post the results of their lottery online.  So if you are applying for the NYC Marathon 2010, you would signup for the lottery in April 2010 and the lottery results will be revealed 2 months later.  You can see if you are accepted into the marathon here.  There is a non-refundable deposit of $11 every time you enter into the lottery.  If you get accepted, YAY.  They will charge your visa for the cost of the marathon.  If you don’t get accepted, they won’t charge you or refund you back your deposit.

The third option is related to the second and that is if you got rejected from the lottery 3 times you get automatic acceptance into the lottery.  I know this is true because after I left NYC I never got accepted through the lottery.   They rejected me 3 times.   After I applied for the Marathon the 4th year, I got an email saying that they recognize I was rejected from the marathon 3 times already and have automatic acceptance.  They are really good at keeping track of this information which really impressed me.

Those are all the options to get acceptance into the NYC Marathon before the registration is closed.  But now there are also a couple ways to get entry into the Marathon even after they closed registration.   If you run with one of NYRR’s charities you get guaranteed acceptance.  I’ve never done this before but I believe you have to raise a minimum charity dollar amount before you can run it.

Good luck to all the NYC Marathon Runners running Nov 1, 2009.

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    Runners who have completed 15 or more NYC Marathons can also get guaranteed acceptance…

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