Completed First Triathlon of the Year – Swim Review

I completed my first baby triathlon of the year.  The purpose of this triathlon was to see if I could actually dip my head in murky water and survive a swim without being able to see or touch the bottom.  It proved disastrous!   Well not that extreme, but a few things went wrong.

1.  I could barely see past my nose.  Therefore I couldn’t see when the person in front of me was going to kick me in the head.  Narrowly missed that demise a couple times.

2.  Swimming too slow.  People in front of me were swimming too slow and it was causing me to rest more which in fact made me more time to think about how I’m never going to finish this swim!

3.  Pace yourself.  I got tired after swimming strong for a couple minutes.   When I got tired and I flipped over onto my back.  Flipping back over to my front only made me more dizzy.  Then I needed to go onto my back to rest my dizziness off.

4.  DO NOT Swim on your back!! Well that was my first mistake, swimming on my back.  I managed to calm myself down after a panick attack by swimming on my back but when I flipped back over, I found myself 50 meters further than where I should have been!! That only caused me to panick more.  It was just a disaster.  So I swam an extra 100 meters for my swim.

5.  Start close to the line!  I don’t understand why people have to start out so far away from the path of minimal distance.   Check out the swim course and think and map out how you will place yourself to swim the most minimal distance.  Stick close the turns.  If you start off wide of the path, then you only swim farther.  If you are a fast swimmer then just start off at the head of the pack.  If you are a slow swimmer, stick back and wait for everyone to leave.

I finished 60th out of 78 people in my age group for the swim.  Not bad since I swam an extra 100 meters more than everyone else.  haha.  My first try a tri 375 meter swim portion went reasonably well.  I just have to calm my nerves before it.


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