Foot Pain Under Toes

Foot Pain Under Toes

A few days ago I started to experience soreness under my toes while running.  One day it was on my right foot and another day it was my left.  If you are experiencing the same pain you’re not the only one.  You feel tingling pain under your toes and feels like your grabbing the ground too hard, they are working too hard and becoming fatigued and achey.   The tips of the toes are fine.  The result of the pain under your toes is not only because of your running shoes as everyone will suggest there are other factors involved.  I did some research and these are my findings.

The Causes

The causes of the pain under your toes is a combination of factors.  The way your feet hit the ground while running, the surface you run on, the running shoes you run with or lastly you might just have really boney feet with no padding which is not your fault.  At least a part of your body that you can complain is too skinny.  These pains usually surface after you’ve either increased your mileage or started doing more speed or hill work.

What Can You Do

If you are a long distance runner, you will be hard pressed to find a long stretch of grass or dirt road you can run on for hours.  Cement and pavement are really hard surfaces for your feet to land on continuously.  Well this is something that you can’t really fix.  Just try to run less on concrete while doing hill work or speed training.  When you land you should try to land more on the heel of your feet and roll towards our mid-foot and spring off your toes.  If you notice the way you run, you land more on the balls of your feet and spraining your toes.  You can also reduce the pressure from this area with some padding.  Purchase some Dr.Scholls heel support.  Cut a U shape about 1/4″ thick, two or three inches long.  Place it in the shoe behind the balls of your feet, behind meaning the side closer to your heel.   This will force your feet to land more on your heel and so you don’t pound on them as hard.

If the pain persists even after you implement these preventions you might have some stress fractures in your toes.  This usually happens if you run a lot.  You should see your doctor or podiatrist and get an x-ray to see if it’s something more serious.

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