Getting Out To Run

It was really difficult to get out to run yesterday.  The weather was 15c but felt like 0c.   The winds were so strong and I could feel the cold rip thru the shirts I was wearing.  I was wearing a long sleeve technical shirt and 2 sleeveless tech shirts inside and knee high dri fit pants .  I was walking around and debating whether to run.  With the last gust of cold wind I decided I don’t want to get sick I should put on some more clothes next time when I go for a run.  As I was walking back home, I saw an asian girl wearing a tank top, shorts and just heading out for her run.  Hey! If she can do it I Can do it too!!!   As I got into my run the weather wasn’t that bad and I didn’t feel cold at all.   Even as the rain came down, it was nice to be outside.  Peaceful chaos.   Thanks to all the runners out there pushing me and not letting me be lazy!!

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