How to keep motivated running

If you are a beginner or an experienced runner the problem that we all face is keeping motivated to run on a regular basis.  You might have a great start by setting up a schedule of running 3 times a week, and life happens and there is always something else that you could be doing which obviously involves less time, pain, and sweat.  You start missing a few runs a week, and not making up your mileage.  Slowly it becomes a habit and before you know it, you will find an excuse to not run at all.   This still happens to me too all the time.  With me, lack of running often changes my mood and I feel guilty the next day.  So I try to keep motivated all the time and these are some tips for you to do the same.

1.  Find a runner partner or join a running club.

  • Running dates are fun!  Run with friends or runners at a running club keeps you accountable and you are more likely to show up for a run.
  • While running with a partner or friend you can also challenge each other, make it fun, catch up, and gossip.  It’s also a great way to bond with your friends.

2.  Sign up for a race.

  • Signing up for a race gives you a target to work towards.  Set reasonable goals and perhaps set your first race as a 3 mile (5 km) course.
  • After you reach your target, signup for another race and that way you keep moving.
  • You can also challenge yourself to complete each subsequent race in a faster time.

3.  Challenge yourself when you run.

  • There are different types of training you can do while running including hill repeats, VO2 max, 5×4′s, long runs, sprints, and intervals.

4.  Don’t run everyday.

  • Space out your running days, sometimes less frequent you run, the more you are psyched up about it the day of the run.

5.  Incorporate cross training into your routine.

  • Participate in sports that you enjoy that involve some running, maybe tennis, softball or cycling.

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