I love my Triathlon Wetsuit!

I love my Triathlon Wetsuit!

Ladies BlueSeventy HelixMy first big purchase for a triathlon was a bike, next purchase was a Wetsuit.   I had a hard time figuring out which wetsuit to pick.  I finally picked this one and I love my purchase so far.   I just want to tell you about my lovely and amazing wetsuit.   The BlueSeventy Helix for Ladies.

My BlueSeventy wetsuit is sooooo comfortable.  I’ve officially swam with it once last weekend.  I’ve swam with it a couple times for practice in a pool.  They turned down the temperature in the pool and wearing the wetsuit I was really warm.  Wearing the wetsuit was a totally different experience.  I was more bouyant and I definitely could not drown in this thing.  I don’t know why I was panicking so much in the triathlon.  I forgot the wetsuit will keep me floating.   This wetsuit is thin.  I thought I would have a hard time getting into it, but after a few tries, I was able to easily slip it on.

2 great features about the wetsuit:

1.  The arm panels.  I don’t have really strong arms and having fabric-thin arm panels (Proprioceptive arm panels) reduced the weight I had to carry each stroke.  The fabric is different from the rest of the wetsuit and allows for a faster cadence through the water.

2.  Reverse Zipper.  This is different than most wetsuits.  You pull the zipper UP to unzip.  I was so afraid the first time unzipping myself from my wetsuit that it would catch my skin.  But surprisingly, even though the wetsuit is so tight against your body, it never caught my skin.  Pulling up on the zipper is also faster in the transition area.  Because you are never  sure if you zip down if the wetsuit is fully unzipped.   Pulling the zipper up to unzip, unfastens and unclips the zipper and you are 100% sure you can get out of your wetsuit quickly.

  • Proprioceptive arm panels promote better arm position and reduce injury risk, while improving power and propulsion
  • Reverse zipper enhances neck comfort, and improves reliability and reduces transition time
  • Silicon seal arm cuffs for an advanced water seal
  • Knee flex panels for run to transition ease
  • Friction free neck design with lower profile and more sighting freedom than any other suit
  • Low graded compression in the legs improves blood flow, better preparing you for the bike leg.

I must say that the wetsuit is a little pricey.  But I don’t plan on purchasing a wetsuit every year.  Hopefully this can last at least 5 – 6 years before I get a new one.  So I wouldn’t skimp on price if it will affect my performance.  I can’t wait to race in it again this weekend.  Actually I’m quite nervous about the race.  But I just love getting into my wetsuit.  It’s so comfortable, makes me go fast and most of all I look like Supergirl in it!

Click here to check out the BlueSeventy Helix for Ladies. I highly recommend it.  Even my swim coach was impressed with my wetsuit.



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