Improve Your Endurance

Improve Your Endurance

I get a lot of people asking me “I run 30 minutes or 3 miles everyday for a few weeks now, how can I improve my endurance?”.

If you can run 30 minutes non stop everyday for a month, I must give you props for your dedication.   Seriously, I don’t even think I can keep that schedule.  Running 20-30 minutes a day is great way to get your body introduced to the sport. You are already half way there to building up your endurance.  You only need a slight tweak to your running schedule and this will ensure great improvements in your endurance performance.

My suggestion is to combine your running days and give yourself some rest days.  Pace yourself so you don’t get tired.  Simple as it sounds, it’s very effective.  Allowing your body to rest will give your legs time to heal and build more muscle so you can run longer and farther.  Running longer distances will improve your lung capacity and you learn how to regulate your breathing.   When you start longer runs, next day your legs will be in a lot of pain, but this is good pain.  Unless it’s sharp joint pain, that’s totally diffferent.  Please see a doctor if you experience sharp joint pain.

Run at a speed that is slightly slower than your 3 mile running pace.   This training plan should improve your endurance over time.  Once you get used to this training plan you can always increase your mileage.

Current Run Try
Day 1 30 mins Rest
Day 2 30 mins 60 mins
Day 3 30 mins Rest
Day 4 30 mins 60 mins
Day 5 30 mins Rest
Day 6 30 mins rest
Day 7 30 mins 90 mins

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