Interval Hill Climbs

Today in running class we ran hill repeats.   It was a different kind of workout that I’m used to where we had to calculate our splits.  We ran on one hill, and going up the hill had 3 pylons.  Each pylon was 100 meters apart from each other indicating 100 meter, 200 meters and 300 meters.

We started with out 15 minute warmup.

  • Ran up to 100 meters and back down
  • Rest
  • Ran up 200 meters and back down
  • Rest
  • Ran up 300 meters and back down
  • Rest

I did 4 sets of this.  I was wheezing and so out of breath by the 4th set.   But good for my legs.  I hope don’t tire myself out for the Sunday 10 miler race.

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