Keep Hydrated During Races

Keep Hydrated During Races

The most common question about running races is how to  keep hydrated without having to stop to go to the washroom.  The worst thing for me when running any race is to stop for anything.  One time I was running this 2 mile race and my shoe laces got loose and during the race it got untied.  I saw them and I was content wth ignoring the issue.  Until this one girl tapped on my shoulder and pointed out the problem.  Grrrr I had to stop for a few seconds to tie them up and then I chased her down.   Oh, totally sidetracked from the topic,  back to what I was saying, this might seem trivial but if you see how many port o potties get sent to any marathon you know that this is no small thing.  Over hundreds of port o potties are set up along any marathon path and I always see people use them.  Sometimes there are even long lines for them which I totally don’t understand.   Well I do but if you drink smart you can stop less or not at all.

I run all my marathons without stopping to go to the washroom.  Here are some tips for you so can also keep hydrated running any race and not stop to go to the washroom.

Pre-Race Hydration

  1. Drink 1 – 2 cups of water an hour and half before your race.
  2. Before you leave for your race, go to the washroom.
  3. Get to the race at least 20 minutes before start and go to the washroom again, even if you feel like you don’t have to.

Tips for Fuel Belt Runners

If you plan to run a marathon with a fuel belt and you don’t like drinking the “race” water, you will probably need to carry all 4 bottles for the race.   Usually for any race  I go on that is over  6 miles,  I carry 2 bottles of liquid and replenish them with the “race” water when they are low.   I take one sip from those bottles every mile.  It keeps me hydrated and sweating without going to the washroom at all.

Tips For Runners With No Fuel Belt

  1. There will always be water stations every every 2 -3 miles along the course depending on your race.  Pick up a cup of water, and say thanks to the volunteers.
  2. While you are running, take 3 little sips of water.  DON’T drink the whole cup.
  3. Throw the rest of the water away, or you can pour it on yourself if you’re really hot.  Just be careful of chaffing and getting water in your shoes, it might cause blisters.
  4. At the next water station, do the same thing.  Grab a cup of water and take 3 little sips and throw the cup away.

If you rely solely on the race providing water, Taking little sips of water will allow your body to process it easier and faster and you will lose the water through sweating.  You won’t have to go to the washroom anymore during the race.

Happy Racing!

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