What is Lactate Threshold

What is Lactate Threshold

What is a “lactate threshold”? Lactate Threshold is basically the point when your legs start to feel like lead or you feel like you’ve hit the wall and can’t run any further.

When you run, your muscles produce Lactic Acid and your body burns this off so you don’t feel anything. Like when you’re walking or going for a light jog. As your running intensity increases, your muscles produces more lactic acid and hits a point where it doesn’t burn the acid fast enough and accumulates in your legs.  When lactic acid accumulates dramatically you know you’ve hit that threshold.

Athletes who are fit and run all the time have higher lactate thresholds. If you run more and do speed workouts, your muscles will adapt and process oxygen faster and then reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. Mixture of interval and tempo speed training with a main focus of staying in Heart Rate Zone 4 will help you push this threshold.

As with all speed training, this should be done in moderation.   Running fast is good but over time it might lead to injuries from over training.

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