New Nike Sportsband

New Nike Sportsband

You can run faster with Nike’s  new second generation Nike+ Sports band.  They just unveiled this new toy today.  Garmin has some serious competition since this device looks very chic with it’s two toned sleek design – Grey Pink, Grey Yellow and Grey Red sports bands.  It shows  calories burned, distance, pace, time and allows you to control your iPod Nano/Touch/iphone from your wrist with voice feedback on all your vitals.   I’m trying to look everywhere to find where they sell it but it’s no where to be found yet.

I saw the old model and there were many complaints of water seeping into the display and condensation from sweat and then needed the product replaced.  Nike eventually had to recall the first generation Nike+ Sports Watch.  We’ll see how well they improved their product.

This new watch is very tempting as it only costs $59.  It looks perfect for beginners or entry level runners looking for a pace and distance watch which is simple and easy to use.   I think it still has a long way to  go to compare with Garmin Forerunners, but if you listen to music while you run, this could be a selling feature.

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