Night running

Night running

Sometimes it’s hard to fit running into your schedule during your hectic day so you result to running at nights.  It’s important to be safe while running at night and make sure the cars can see you.   Also if you are a female, here are some tips for you for a safe night run.


  1. Wear reflective clothing, so cars will see you.
  2. Find some reflective strips and place them strategically around your body – ie your sides, legs, arms, and back.
  3. If the weather turns cold, make sure to carry a light sweater or jacket so you won’t get sick.


  1. Carry a flashing light or maybe a little bright light on your belt just to see where your feet are landing.
  2. Chose an alternative and run on the treadmill or find a lighted running track.
  3. Chose a running path that is well lit and run where there are lots of people.  Do not run in isolated areas or where there are a lot of bushes or hidden alleyways.

What to Carry

  1. Carry an cell phone.
  2. Bring ID and extra change for emergency.
  3. Females can bring a panic alert device to belt out some loud noise if there are any emergencies.  I carry this just in case I need to scare off any attackers and draw attention to myself.

While Running

Keep in mind while you’re running that not everyone driving can see you.  It’s totally different from running during the day.

  1. Don’t run too fast, if cars don’t stop in time, you can.
  2. Run in a running group or with a friend.
  3. Avoid running on the road and chose paths that do not have any pot holes or uneven surfaces like grass or dirt fields.
  4. Make sure cars can see you when you cross the road.  Stop, look and make sure before you cross.
  5. Avoid jaycrossing roads and adhere to traffic signals.

These are some running tips to run at night.  Also make sure you don’t run with your ipod or headphones so you can access situations around you at all times.  It’s important to be safe while enjoying your run.

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