NYC Marathon mail

NYC Marathon mail

After you get accepted into the NYC Marathon, you will receive post mails from them.  The first mail will congratulate you for your acceptance and also let you know which wave you will be in.  The second package will give your confirmation paper which you need to bring to collect your race day package at the marathon expo.  It will show your name, country and wave color, wave number and your bib number.  The package will also contain the ING New York City Marathon Official Handbook and details everything that you need to know about the NYC Marathon in a little booklet about 50 pages.    Yeah, be impressed, they are VERY organized.
I actually forgot my confirmation paper at home last time.  I went to the Marathon expo and they were still able to gather my information.  There is a special booth there to help you with anything you need.   They write down your information and you can pass through to pick up your race kit.

Since the race is so big with so many people running it, there are 3 different start waves with 3 different wave colors.  The wave starts are separated by – Wave 1 is for the elite runners, Wave 2 is by invitation only, and most us get into Wave 3.  The wave colors blue, orange and green are further divided into 6 corrals (A, B, C, D, E, F) and runners are separated according to your estimated marathon completion time that you indicated in your Marathon registration.  Blue is faster than Orange who is faster than Green.  If you have friends who are in different corals you need to go to the corral of the wave of the slower runner.

The race actually has 2 different starts, one on top of the Verrazano Bridge and one is underneath the Bridge in Staten Island.  The best start is on the top of the Verrazano Bridge.  It’s a great view.  Last time I saw military planes, helicopters and fireworks start off the Marathon.

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