NYC Marathon Spectators

NYC Marathon Spectators

The NYC Marathon is a really  great event.  Maybe I keep on saying that because it was the first marathon I ran with my friend.  We were so emotional after we finished it.  I’m really proud that she finished it and surprised that I did too.  Looking back, I’m really happy that we got to share that experience together.    I hope you really enjoy the NYC Marathon as much as we did.   Everything in the Marathon was great and really organized.  You will enjoy the pre post race festivities, and more importantly race day entertainment and celebrations.

If your friends or friends are not running the marathon with you and they want to see you run,  it will be really hard for them to catch you if you don’t give them a specific location and estimated time of arrival.   Trust me, there are tons of people watching the Marathon cheering on their friends, but they are all really happy to cheer you on too.

Create Your Pace Chart

You should create your own pace chart according to your start time.  Write down miles and what time you are estimated to arrive depending on your pace.   See example:


NYC Marathon Miles, Intersection, Closest Subway Station

I’ve compiled a chart and listed the mile markers, closest subway, which side of the road is best to stand on, and the closest intersection to the Marathon course.  It’s important to tell your friends or family all this information including your ETA before sending them off to meet you.    There will be tons of spectators and it’s easier if you can look for them at the same time as they are looking for you.

NYC Marathon Subway Mile

NYC Marathon Subway Mile

After you complete both charts you can combine them together. Look at your pace chart and match it with where you want your friends/family to meet you. If you have this all planned out before the Marathon, trust me, you will feel less stressed out when you are running. I know the feeling of trying to find your friends along the path and not being able to see them. It gets really discouraging. So be specific and tell your friends/family to get there at least 10-15 minutes early to get a good spot to see you run.

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