Paris Marathon 2010 Pre-Race Info & Registration

Paris Marathon 2010 Pre-Race Info & Registration

The past weekend I ran the first out of country marathon in Paris. The whole expierience was quiet different from marathons I’ve ran in the past, but then again, I haven’t run that many. I’ll give you a review of the whole process.

The Paris Marathon is quite large, hosting just over 40,000 runners with 8000 of these sports are reserved for travel agencies and other elite runners. So, keep that in mindwhen you look at the runner registration counter ont he front page of the marathon. To get a discounted marathon rate, register before the count gets to 22,000. The Paris Marathon is NOT a lottery based system. It’s first come first served. This marathon sells out in less than 2 months, so book fast.

After registering for the race there is no info package sent to you. There is no confirmation letter or letter to tell you your bib number. Your confirmation is updated on their website and you’ll see your name in their database. Don’t forget you need a doctors’ note to run the marathon.

The Paris Marathon does send out plenty of email reminders leading up to the race day. If you’re a female runner and interested. I received an email from Asics looking for a female representative of the race. Don’t really know how it worked but you could submit yourself to be THE face of female runners for the Paris Marathon. This is your shot at fame!! lol.

Back to the doctor’s note. You can either mail it in or bring it with you to the marathon expo when you pick up your race kit. ALso before you go to the Marathon Expo, it will be handy if you know your runner #. If you didn’t remember to write it down (like me), the information desk can always help you find your bib number.

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  1. Hong says:

    Maybe i’ll get a chance next year to run this? but then again, I think my company will fire me by then ahhaa, Goofy challenge in Jan and then Tokyo in Feb… anyways, glad you had fun and you did well as usual. Post your medal!!!

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