Pre-Race Checklist

After registering for a race, these are the few things I look at to prepare myself for it.  You should make this a checklist:

Pre-Race Day

  1. Mark your race date on your calendar.
  2. Write down the time and location of your race.
  3. Some races do not allow same day race kit pickup, so find the race kit pickup location and times.
  4. Once you pick up your race kit, make sure you have the timing chip and bib and a few saftey pins.
  5. Check out the race course, elevation online and try to gear your training towards it.
  6. If you want to bring your family or friends, check out the race map and agree to meet them at a certain intersection on your race path.
  7. Estimate a certain time you will arrive based on your running pace.
  8. Power up your ipod.
  9. Eat carbs before your race.

Race Day

  1. Pin your bib to your racing shirt.
  2. Attach your timing chip securely to your racing running shoe.
  3. Double tie your shoe laces.
  4. Fill up your water bottles and pack in your gels for racing fuel.
  5. Remember to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, ipod and/or phone.

There are other items that you should remember to do or put on but those are not as important as the items listed above.    Your timing chip is the most important item.  Secure it tightly to your running shoe, if you lose it your race results will not be recorded.

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