Proper running etiquette

Proper running etiquette

Embarking on a new running adventure can make you really excited.  Don’t let your excitement overwhelm you that you forget about the people and environment around you.   Although running seems like such a simple sport, there is a running etiquette that you pickup along the way.   I will share them with you and hopefully will make running enjoyable for everyone around you.

Etiquette running tips for your training runs:

  1. Always smile, wave or nod to other runners.
  2. Always thank pedestrians who move out of the way for you, or drivers that stop for you so you can run by.
  3. When passing another runner,  don’t cut in front of them and slow down.
  4. If passing another runner and you know you are faster than them, don’t look back and see how far back they are.
  5. If you need to spit, make sure no one is in the line of fire.
  6. Yield to pedestrians and watch out for pets.
  7. Always run facing traffic on the side of the road.  Avoid running in the middle of the road.
  8. Leave any items that will make noise in your pocket while you run at home – ie your key and coins.
  9. When passing a runner, use phrases such as “On your left/right” or “Excuse me” to not startle the person you are passing.
  10. Do not litter – throw your empty water bottles in the garbage or recycling bin.
  11. No matter how fast you are, you are not faster than a car.  Do not try to beat cars, bikes or trains across intersections.

Stay tuned for etiquette running tips during a race…

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