Racevine Review

Racevine Review

It’s great to finally see a website dedicated to reviews on marathons, races, and triathlons. I know I’ve always had questions about how to get to a start line, which airport is the best, what kind of snacks do they give out, are their medals cool.  Racevine allows runners to post their reviews on any race, of course it would be nice if you participated in it too.  You can get some valuable first hand information about the race and be more prepared on race day.

It’s not Canada friendly yet, when you set up your profile the Canadian provinces don’t show up but I hear the team is on it.  You can still choose a different state and proceed with the registration.  I couldn’t find a race and I emailed them and got a fast response showing me where the race was.  It was just listed under a different name.   After you find the race you can rate the race on the crowd, course, organization, aid stations, running expo, good experience for first time runners, spectator friendly, good race photography, post race perks and so much more.

I wish this site was here few years ago, I would have known what to expect before my races instead of being so nervous on race day.  You can search for races by name, distance, state (very US friendly) or type of race.  What’s a Aquathon or Aquabike? I never heard of these types of races before.   Double Marathon, wow, why would anyone want to do that?   I guess this site is great to also see what types of races there are out there and maybe get into something new that you never tried before.

They also have a Racevine summer giveway where you can submit a race review and be entered in to win some prizes which include winning an entry to the Malibu International Marathon, Lululemon Athletica Running Pack, City Running Tours and more.

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