Racing etiquette

If this is your first race, second or n race, there is a hidden code that is understood among runners.   Besides running a great race, these are a few etiquette tips that you should remember when racing.


  • If you know you are a slow starter, don’t position yourself right at the start line and block faster people.
  • When passing a racer, don’t tap them on the shoulder, just say “on your left, on your right”.
  • Don’t pass someone and then stop.
  • Don’t participate in the race if you didn’t pay for it.
  • When running the course, don’t cut corners or cheat and take shortcuts.
  • Don’t carry loose change or keys when you run.  Make use of the baggage area.
  • When crossing the finish line, keep on walking until it’s safe to stop.
  • Acknowledge supporters who cheer for you as you run by.  If you are tired just smile, wave or nod and this will encourage them to cheer on for other runners behind you.


  • When grabbing water at the water station, don’t stop in the middle of the road and walk over to the station.  Remember there are 100′s of other runners behind you.  Run to the side and grab a water and walk off to the side.
  • When finished drinking your water, don’t pour it down the leg of the runner in front of you.  Pour it off to the side.
  • After pouring your water beside you, throw the cup to the side of the road, but be careful you don’t hit anyone.


  • If you chose to blow your nose in the wind, PLEASE be mindful of the runners behind you.  Bring extra kleenex or check behind you to see if any one is in the line of fire.
  • Same goes for spitting.  Spit when no one is behind you.
  • Go to the washroom in designated areas.

Finally, be most thankful to all the race volunteers who dedicate their time to make your racing more enjoyable.  They prepare, hand out water to you, cut your timing chips, and make sure the road is safe.

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