Pre-running preparations

Before you go on your training run, here are some tips for your pre-run preparations:

  1. Cut your toe nails! Ohh, there is so much pain afterwards if your nails are too long and they scrape against the top of your shoe.  You sometimes get black toe nails, bruised toe nails that hurt forever until it heals, broken toe nails that start bleeding into your socks (ouchhhh!)
  2. Vaseline is your friend. Apply vaseline to places on your body where there is friction between your skin and your clothes.  Prime spots are pinky toes, nipples, under your sports bra, under your heart rate monitor strap on your chest, inner thighs, and arm pits.
  3. Charge up your ipod. Nothing is more fustrating than hearing a beep that your ipod is out of battery.  Music can take your mind off your run so make sure you charge up your ipod the night before.
  4. Slap on sunscreen. Make sure to apply lots of sunscreen before going running.  If you stay out in the sun long enough you will get sunburns.
  5. Carry only what is necessary. Don’t carry all your keys and your whole wallet when running.  Carry only what is necessary.  I have a zipper pocket in my shirt and I carry my phone, $2, my house key, and a token for the subway if I ever need it.  Empty any coins out of your pockets.
  6. Bring your sunglasses.
  7. Charge up your fuel belt. Fill up your water bottles and bring enough fuel gels for your runs.
  8. Prepare your run. Map out in your head of where you want to go running and be smart where you decide to run.  Don’t run in dark places by yourself or in dangerous areas with high crime.  Stay in well lit paths and stay where there are lots of people.
  9. Charge up your Heart Rate Monitor. If you have one, charge up your heart rate monitor.  It’s fustrating when it says ‘low battery’ or ‘no battery’ and then I lose track of part of my run.
  10. Double tie your shoe laces. Make ssure your shoe laces are double tied.  I really hate running and finding out shoe laces untied.  Bending down during your run will cause all the blood to race to your head and you might get dizzy and fall.  Double tying your shoe laces is for your saftey too so you don’t trip and fall over yourself.

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