Running and I

Running and I

Running for me is therapy.  I run because it helps me think, analyze myself, my past and future.  It calms me almost like yoga, but at least in running I can hit the pavement harder, tackle that hill stronger, and get my fustrations out.

Besides for fitness and speed related purposes, what motivates me to run?  The thought of me running when I’m 80 years old keeps me motivated.  I want to be one of those elderly people that I see beat me when I’m running races now AND I could possibly come in first place in my age category (that’s if no other obnoxious 80 year old decides to run the same race as me).

So running and I will be together for a long time yet.  Winning first place in my age category will have a long way to reach reality.   For now, I’ll just keep dreaming.

What motivates you to run?

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