Running Gear In the Fall

Running Gear In the Fall

Now that Summer is gone and Fall is around the corner, runners must change running gear and apparel accordingly. Fall is considered the best time to run with moderate temperatures and cool weather conditions. It is a great opportunity for you to get out there for some running which is why most runners choose Fall marathons over any other season. What should you wear for a cool Autumn run? Find details below what running gear and apparel that you should have to stay comfortable, protected and safe through the Fall season.

Wear Layers

With the changing temperatures during the Fall season it’s hard to figure out what to wear.  In the morning and evenings it’s cool.  During the day it’s sunny, warm and with the occasional rain storms it makes it increasingly difficult to figure out what to wear.   I recommend wearing light layers.  It allows the body to adjust to the cool temperatures and you can start to remove pieces of clothing when you start to get warmed up.   I’ve gone out many times in the past with a warm wicking or sweatshirt only to regret 15 minutes later that I can’t take it off!

I recommend wearing at most 3 layers of wicking fabrics like CoolMax.  The innermost layer should be moisture-wicking for the purpose of keeping your skin dry.  The second layer is a warmer long sleeve shirt or light jacket for the purpose of keeping you warm.  Finally the third layer should be a windbreaker and worn depending on the weather.  This layer is optional as you can use it to protect you from rain or really windy conditions.

I would still wear shorts to run during the Fall.  If the weather is really bad then you can wear wicking shorts.

Wear Reflective Clothing

In the Autumn it gets dark faster which is why there is a big chance you will be running in the dark.   Wear reflective clothing or flashing LED lights to ensure cars, bikers or other runners can see you.

Here are some stylish women’s running outfits I found…

fall runner
Get This Running Outfit
Headwear:Athleta Base Miles Headband
Top: Saucony Ignite Shimmel
Jacket:  Athleta Brisa Jacket
Pants:  Nike Perfect Fit Capri
fall runner 2
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Headwear: Nike 6 Panel Tailwind 09
Top: Under Armour UA Proxima Shortsleeve Tee
Jacket: Athleta Highlands Jacket
Pants:  Under Armour Steadfast Pants
fall runner 3
Get This Running Outfit
Headwear: Adidas Teknik A-Flex
Top: Athleta Sleeveless Twist Top
Jacket: Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Jacket
Pants: Saucony Boston Running Pant
Alternate Option: Printed Chase Skort
fall runner 5
Get This Running Outfit
Headwear:  Nike 6 Panel Tailwind 09
Top: Athleta Sleeveless Twist Top
Jacket: Pearl Izumi Whisper Vest
Bottom:  Saucony Ignite Tight Running Short

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