Nice to haves running gear

Runners carry around a lot of little gadgets.  They help evaluate the performance of our runs and although not necessary it’s nice to have.  These are my little gadgets that I used to or do carry around now when I head out for a run.

  1. Water fuel belt – I use mainly in the summer or during winter long runs.
  2. Nike running gloves in the winter
  3. Nano ipod – they are small and easy to carry in my pocket
  4. Nike Running adapter
  5. Garmin Forerunner Heart Rate Monitor watch
  6. Nike hat
  7. Oakley sunglasses
  8. Running drifit shirt with a pocket in the back where I can store the little stuff.

I’m a minimalist and strive to carry as little as possible when running.   I don’t usually run with an ipod or my nike running adapter anymore.  I find running without an ipod is more fun because I get to pay more attention to the people or scenery around me.  The garmin watch is useful.  It shows pace, distance, Heart rate, and when you hook it up to your computer it shows the trail ran, elevation, date, and keeps a track of them.    Garmin Forerunner watch is highly recommended for serious runners.

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