Sports Bra Reviews

Sports Bra Reviews

There are many styles of sports bras for women. Most important things to look for in the sports bra is the size and maximum support.  Find out what you should look for in a sports bra for running.  Do not choose sports bras that offer medium or low impact support, those are more for yoga, pilates, aerobics, walking or any sport that does not require lots of bouncing.   For maximum impact support there are different types of sports bras out there, you can choose from high impact bras and high impact support tops.

These sports bras offers seam-free interior molded cups and underwire support. The internal spacer fabric and a molded exterior also offers a smooth look under your workout top.

Recommended running sports bras for A-C cups


Athleta Alexis Bra by Moving Comfort – $34.00
Under Armour Women’s Endure C Cup Sport Bra – $44.95
Nike Women’s Core Bra Top – $27.95

Support Tops

Athleta Printed Bra Cup Twist Top – $39.00

Athleta Bra Cup Racerback Tank – $34.00

Recommended running sports bras for D – DD cups


CW-X Women’s Xtra Support Bra – $54.95

Athleta Maia Bra by Moving Comfort – $46.00
Under Armour Women’s Endure D Cup Sports Bra – $44.95

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