Sports Bras for Running

Sports Bras for Running

There are tons of sports bras out there for female runners but which one is good for you?  Running is a high impact sport and it is necessary to find a sport bra that will keep you comfortable during and after your runs.  You should look for sports bras that are form fitting, comfortable, seamless, allows airflow, wicks moisture, and most importantly minimizes bouncing and offers adequate compression.

The first thing that I often look for when buying a sports bra is the cup size and the minimum impact support it offers.  There are many sports bras out there that offer all sizes from S – XL but that bra does not necessarily offer high impact support for all sizes.

The second detail to be aware of while shopping for your sports bra is the material. Most sports bras are made from spandex, coolmax, dri-fit or mesh lining which is critical to wick away any moisture from your skin so there is no chafing along the rib cage and under your arms. Most times you won’t know if the sports bra chafs until you actually run with it.  Don’t run with cotton sports bras.

If the sports bra passes all the above then the next few steps are to check if it has any open clasps that will dig into or rub against your skin.  Check that the straps are wide enough to give you enough support without causing ridges on your shoulders.  Check also that the elastic band around your rib cage allows you to run and breathe comfortably without restricting airflow or chest movement.

An indication of a good sports bra will allow you to focus more on your running than actually wearing it.  The average lifespan of a running sports bra is 72 washes.

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