Tips to run faster

Tips to run faster

So you’ve had a couple of runs under your belt.  You can run 5km or 10 km easily you’re probably wondering, “how can I run faster?”   You either really want to beat your friends or just run faster for your own personal time.  It’s one of the caveats of running, you’re never fast enough, and you always want to get faster.

Main reason lots of runners don’t incorporate speed training into their runs is that it’s too painful.  Running fast burns your lungs and legs.  Usually after about 2 mins of running fast, you’re really tired and want to stop.   Set your speed training goals and push through the pain.

The most common mistake among runners is that they think that if you run longer distances/time you will run faster which isn’t true.  The only way you are going to run faster is to incorporate good running form and speed training into your runs.

Some popular speed training techniques are:

  1. Hill repeats
  2. Fast tempo runs
  3. Sprint workouts
  4. Interval training
  5. Run slow to run fast
  6. Increase stride turnover
  7. Mile repeats
  8. Pyramid Intervals
  9. Speed Play
  10. REST

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