Toronto Marathon Review

Toronto Marathon Review

I completed the Toronto Marathon today and it was as cold as I remembered when I ran the half a few years ago.  This time they had enough buses waiting for us at the designated pickup locations and operated pretty efficiently.  Except that my bus driver didn’t know which route to the Arts Center and we took a 10 minute detour which made us a little nervous.  I feel like they should have given proper instructions to all the bus drivers before sending them out.

They changed the course which was great! I loved the building they had open for the runners so we could wait inside to keep warm.  It was great since I had 3 hours to wait.  I guess Starbucks got sick of 20,000 runners hanging in front of their building and using their washroom.  There were plenty of washrooms in the building with flushing toilets and sinks to wash hands!  A sink with soap and running water is a rare treat.   I wandered the building from 6-8 looking for my brother and his friend and finally found them.  I am so proud of that they completed their 2nd half marathon this year.

The course was well marked at places and where it wasn’t there were volunteers to help guide the way.  The KM markers were visible and placed at every 1 km, the Mile markers were scarce and only popping up every 10 miles.  That left me kind of disoriented for most of the run, I kind of have trouble converting km to m when I’m running.  The cheering stations were practically non existent with amateur bands playing on the side of the road.   I didn’t like that part of the race.  Felt like the race organizers just forgot about us and gave us the bare minimums to complete the race.

Great thanks to all the volunteers handing out water, gatorade and gels.  Thanks to the police who took the brunt of all the complaints, I wouldn’t want to be the ones stuck in traffic today.

I tried to make it a strong finish. I just hate the Queen’s Park ending.  You can never see the ending, meanwhile everyone is shouting it’s just around the corner.  How do you see a corner around a circle??  My brother, his friends and my friend were waiting for me.  I was really happy to see them.  Thanks for coming out!! It was a great feeling to complete another marathon, just not too happy with my time.   hehe But I think it’s a great accomplishment.

Overall the marathon was ok.  I wasn’t impressed with the organization or the logistics.  Even picking up the race kit was in a basement conference room of a hotel.  It was small and I thought very unorganized.  For the price we pay for a marathon (around $80), I expected a little more.  I won’t be running this race again.

Good job everyone and happy running.

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