Toronto Marathon

Toronto Marathon

I don’t know why marathons in Toronto don’t have a proper map of their course.   There isn’t information on course elevation or exact course turn around points or even the finish line.   I mapped out the Toronto Marathon but couldn’t get it to be exact due to insufficient information.   The Toronto Marathon is Sunday Oct 18, 2009.  Good luck to all the half and full marathoners.  My bro and a couple friends will be running the half and I’ll go for my full marathon again to fulfill my marathon a year resolution.   My goal next year is to finally attempt an ultra marathon OR maybe I’ll do more than one marathon next year or maybe I’ll go crazy and do both!  Anyone recommend any good ultras?

To the Toronto Half and Full Marathoners, it’s going to pretty cold that day.  Bring an old long sleeve shirt / pants to keep you warm while you wait for the race to start.  Once it starts, you can throw it aside after you get warmed up.   I have a water belt but I don’t use it when I run.  There is plenty of water and gatorade stations along the course and reduces the weight that I carry when I run.  I do recommend to bring some gels to keep your energy levels up.

Best tip for beginner marathoners is start off slow.  You want a good finish time but running too fast in the first mile will severely impact your endurance and pace for the remaining duration of the marathon.   The worst part would be to slow down in the second half of the marathon.  Run slower in the beginning and gradually increase your pace til you reach a good comfortable and constant pace you can run for about 3 hours.  When you hit the last 3 miles or 5km, you should be going at full speed.

Map of the Toronto Marathon:

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