Tracking your running performance

When I started out running, I wondered why so many runners had these huge Garmin watches on.  They covered more than half their wrist and looked like a huge weight to carry on your arm for running long distances.   Why would you need to track your running performance?  Simple, the answer was because I was a beginner.  As a novice runner, I did not realize the importance of keeping track of your Heart Rate, pace, distance, elevation while I was running.  After becoming a more intermediate runner, I got the Garmin Forerunner 305 and I love it!  I never run or swim without it.   Garmin watches are a lot more sophisticated these days and is more than just a Heart rate monitor.  If you plan to spend more time running and improving your race times, you should definitely invest into one of these top performance tracking watches.

These are the top 4 running performance tracking gear for advanced, intermediate, and entry level runners.

1.  Garmin Forerunner® 310 XT Multisport with Heart Rate Monitor

Cost: $449.99 $399.99
Lap Memory: 1,000 laps
Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion – 20 hours
Weight: 2.5 oz (72 g)
Best Feature: GPS satellite data and records distance, pace, heart rate.  GPS and HotFix satellite prediction tracks movement near tall buildings or under tree cover. This waterproof and GPS-enabled, trainer tracks swim, bike and run data and sends it wirelessly to your computer. More info…

2.  Garmin Forerunner® 305 with HR monitor

Cost: $324.60 $196.29
Lap Memory: 1,000 laps
Battery: Rechargeable internal lithium ion – 10 hours
Weight: 2.72 oz (77 g)
Best Feature: Affordable price for Garmin’s high performance line of waterproof personal trainers.  Transition seamlessly between sports without resetting.  Continuously monitors speed, distance, pace and calories burned.  Easy upload to your computer. More info…

3.  Garmin Forerunner® 201

Cost: $149.99 $126.93
Lap Memory: 5,000 laps
Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion – 15 hours
Weight: 2.75 oz (78 g)
Best Feature:  For those who are beginners, Garmin provides this entry level watch for you. Garmin’s waterproof GPS easy-to-read display, ergonomic wristband, provides precise speed, distance, and pace data. This is not a heart rate monitor. More info…

4.   Garmin Forerunner® 50 Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor & Foot Pod

Cost: $199.99 $179.99
Lap Memory: 1,000 laps
Battery: Coin cell battery – 1 year
Weight: 1.5 oz (42.5 g)
Best Feature: Garmin waterproof watch for running, cycling (with speed/cadence sensor), swimming with a wireless heart rate monitor and foot pod. Transmits workouts to your computer. More info…

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