Treat and Prevent shin splints

Treat and Prevent shin splints

If you are new to running you will definitely get shin splints.   Shin splints are when your shins are in pain. If you are just increasing your mileage to build up your base runs, shin splints are bound to happen.   These are some tips that will help treat shin splints:

  1. Walk on your toes and then switch to your heels for a few seconds.
  2. Stretch your calves by doing heel raises and heel drops.
  3. Get an ice pack and ice the area hurting.

How to prevent shin splints:

  1. Do some cross training to build up strength in your legs, ie cycling and swimming.
  2. Find if your runnings shoes are the right type for your feet.  They should be matched to the type of feet you have.

Hopefully this helps you, if the pain is still there after a few weeks you should see a doctor.

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  1. Nishant says:

    i am appear in a P.E.T exam in this exam i mile running should be completed in six and half minute but in last exam i failed in this running but i have 15 days improve for running but due to shin pain i have ffacing many problem over all please help me and give me tips . thank u

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