Wednesday Swim Practice – 1500 meter time trials

Today in swim class we did a 400 meter warmup followed by a 1500 meter time trial.  Basically 60 lengths of the pool or touch the side of the wall 30 times.  The coach was trying to break it down for us.  I have a seriously hard time remembering my counts and have to consciously make up a story around each number that I’m swimming.  I asked the person next to me….”We have to  swim 60 lengths of the pool NON STOP??”

Anyways, by the end of the swim I was feeling pretty good.  I’m a pretty slow swimmer and I’m trying to correct my stroke right now.  After I get used to it, I will start to swim faster.   My 1500 meter time trial took 0:38:34.  I have to record this, so next time I do it I can compare if I improved or not.



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