Week Before the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon

Week Before the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon

I’m counting down the days until my Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon.  It’s this Sunday at 7:30 am.  I haven’t stopped running, since running 2 hours or more is required for my Sunday runs in training for the Toronto Marathon in October.  I’m even thinking of running to the start to extend the mileage.

How am I training differently this week? Nothing really changed.  I’m still running my 8-9  miles on Tuesday and Thursday.  I have my swimming planned for Monday and Wednesday, the occassional Ultimate game and spinning.  The only thing I’m conscious of is NO spinning in the latter part of the week.  Spinning really kills my legs for days!

I mapped out the Scotiabank Half Marathon course on MapMyRun because the marathon site provides such a childish version of the course map.

For beginners training for the half marathon I would suggest to run only 3 miles on tuesday and thursday and the next few days are rest days.  Good luck in your half marathon!

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