What to bring/prepare to a Triathlon

What to bring/prepare to a Triathlon

Last week was my first triathlon and amazingly I brought all the stuff that I needed.  Oops, I did forget to bring slippers to walk to the swimming start.  My friend Kevin was so nice.  He took off his slippers for me to wear across a rocky path to the swimming start.   I started preparing the night before.  This weekend is going to be my second triathlon and I decided I needed a checklist of what to bring and what to prepare the day before.  Just a quick note that I purchased a lot of product from Wiggle.co.uk.  They have lots of discounts on cycling, swimming and running products. You should check them out.  Free shipping and ships anywhere in the world.   Most of the products below are selected from Wiggle.

What to prepare the day before the Triathlon
Prepare Pictures of the gear
1.  Charge Garmin 310xt GPS Watch 

2.  Wash water bottle for cycling

3.  Wash/dry cycling clothes

4.  Take off any unnecessary attachments on bike

5.  Freeze water, gatorade

6.  Cut toenails

7.  Put air in bike tires

8.  Check out race time, race kit pickup time, race location

9.  Car has full tank of gas

Garmin Forerunner 310xt

1. Garmin 310xt

Cycling water bottle 800ml

2. Cycle Bottle

lezyne Presta bike Pump

7. Bike Pump

What to pack for Swimming
Bring Pictures of the gear
10.  BlueSeventy Helix Wetsuit 

11.  Swimming goggles

12.  Swimming cap

13.  Flip flops/Slippers

14.  Hair tie

15.  Towel

blueseventy helix wetsuit

10. Wetsuit

zoggs Swimming Goggles

11. Swim Goggles

Zoggs Swimming Cap

12. Swim Cap


What to pack for Cycling
Bring Pictures of the gear
16.  Bike 

17.  Bike Helmet

18.  Bike Tire pump

19.  Extra Tire Tube

20.  Water bottle (same as #2)

21.  4 Clif Energy Bars

22. 1 Clif Shot Bloks

22.  Cycling shoes

23.  Cycling bra/Top/Shorts  OR

24. 2Xu Tri Suit (worn for cycle and run)

25.  Socks

26.  Sunglasses

27.  Sunscreen for face and body

Met Xilo Bike Helmet

17. Bike Helmet

lezyne Mini Bike Pump

18. Bike Pump

Clif EnergyBars

21. Clif EnergyBars

Clifbar Shots

22. Clifbar Shots

Lake Cycling Shoes

22. Cycling Shoes

2xu Ladies Tri Suit

24. Tri Suit

Rudy Rydon Impact Photo Lens Sunglasses

26. Sunglasses


What to pack for Running
Bring Pictures of the gear
28.  Running hat 

29.  Garmin 310xt Watch (same as #1)

30.  Garmin Heart Rate Strap (same #1)

31. Running shoes

32. Running belt

33.  2 Energy Gel

2XU Running hat

28. Running Hat

Run Belt for Race Bib

32. Run Belt

GU Energy Gels

33. Energy Gels


What to pack for Post Race
Bring Pictures of the gear
34.  Whey Protein Isolate (2 scoops) 

35.  Cold Bottle Water

36.  Lactaid pill

37.  Towel

38.  Clean shirt, shorts, underwear, bra, socks

Elite Whey Protein Isolate

34. Protein Isolate

Where to Store it all!
Bring Pictures of the gear
39.   Triathlon transition Bag

40.  Plastic bags for wet clothes

Zoot Triathlon Bag

39. Tri Bag

I hope that helps you with preparing for your triathlons. I will use this as a checklist for mine. I listed most of the essentials and more.  Of course you will have to see the distance of your triathlon and bring/carry as much food and water as necessary.  If I forgot anything, feel free to leave a comment on what else you would bring.



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