What to eat for post race recovery

Most runners know that it’s important to eat properly before a race, but it’s just as important to refuel after running a long race.  It remains optional to refuel for races less than 6 miles.  Eating the right foods will allow your muscles to recover and maintain your peak performance.

Replenish Fluids

It is extremely important to replenish lost fluids after running a long race or training run.   Long run meaning more than an hour.   Tons of sweat is lost during long runs and you should replace them within 30 mins of finishing your run to prevent the risk of dehydration.   Suggested fluids/foods:

  • Water, juice, and sports drinks.
  • Oranges, grapes, and lettuce.

Restore Muscles

At the finishing line of your race, usually they provide you with post race foods such as raisins, banana or bagels.  These are great foods to restore glycogen which gives your muscle energy to run. 

Combining these two recovery food items are a great healthy mix and will allow you to recover faster.

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