What to Wear for Swim Portion of The Triathlon in June

I had a hard time deciding what to wear for a Triathlon held in Guelph Lake just the past weekend – June 18.  The water was about 15c degrees, but outside was close to 25c.  I saw some people were just wearing swimming suits, but I just couldn’t do it.  So I had a dilemma.  What to wear inside my wetsuit:

1.  Whether to wear my swimming suit inside wetsuit?

2.  Should I just wear my cycling shorts and sports bra under my wetsuit?

3.  Or wear my cycling shorts and cycling top and bra under my wetsuit?

4.  Purchase a triathlon bib to wear under my wetsuit (future purchase).

So after looking around for a while and asking a couple people what they were wearing.  I decided to take off my swimming suit that I already on an opt for option 3.  I wore my cycling shorts and sports bra under my wetsuit.  It was not uncomfortable and I didn’t feel any difference.   They were mentioning to put on the running/cycling number on underneath the wetsuit, but I didn’t do that.  I didn’t want the number to get caught in the wetsuit and cause me problems to take it off.  The wetsuit is tight as it is!   But now I’m looking to purchase a triathlon bib to wear under my wetsuit so I can look “cooler”.  If the water gets too warm, I can look into just wearing the triathlon bib instead of a wetsuit.



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