When should I replace my running shoes?

There are many variables to account for when deciding when to change your running shoes.  It depends on your weight, height, what surfaces you run on, how fast you run, how you land, etc.  On average it is recommended to replace your running shoes every 300-400 miles or every year.   Your favourite pair of running shoes will lose traction, rubber at the bottom will look worn out, lose it’s cushioning and stability support system.   So,  it’s time to buy new shoes, who doesn’t love shopping for shoes.

Keep a training log to record when you bought the shoes.  This way it’s easier to track how much mileage you accumulated on them.  When you reached the half way mark, consider buying a new pair of runners to alternate between runs.  After a while you will notice a difference between the old-less cushioning with the new-more support and cushioning.

Runners typically have 2 – 3 running shoes in rotation to let the shoes dry out.   You’re shoes will last longer if they are allowed to decompress.

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