Which sunglasses I recommend for Running or Cycling

Which sunglasses I recommend for Running or Cycling

Photo lens Rudy Rydon Impact X

Photo lens Rudy Rydon Impact X

With the new year I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses.  Primarily it was because I bought a Specialized road bike and needed a pair of clear sunglasses to protect my eyes when I ride in the evenings.  I had a couple of choices to pursue including buying a new pair of clear sunglasses, purchasing a pair of Oakley’s with interchangeable lens or just sticking with my existing pair of dark Oakley sunglasses.

Dont get me wrong, I love my Oakley’s!!  They have helped me through many years of running.   But I just have to tell you about this new pair of sunglasses I bought from Wiggle.co.uk.   It’s called the Rudy Project Rydon Impact X Sunglasses – Photo Lens.  I bought the Crystal-Red Tip/Pads Impact X Photo Clear.

What do the terms mean?

Crystal-Red Tip/Pads – As you can see from the picture, the frames of the glasses are clear.  They are not white.  The arms are grey and the ends are red grip material that sit on top of your ears.  The nose pad is also red and are grips.

Impact X – means that the lens are unbreakable.

Photo Lens or Photochromic – means the glasses go from a clear 0% to about a 80% grey tint.  You can also purchase Impact X Red photochromic models that start off with 50% tint which doesn’t make sense because it would defeat the purpose of having photochromic lens.

I am so impressed with these sunglasses and I’ve only worn them twice so far.  I wish I could wear them more often.  Here is why they are just so great:

1.  The sunglasses came in an impressive case.  Usually if you purchase sunglasses at the store or online they give you a cloth bag to put your sunglasses, these sunglasses included a hard case and a soft cloth.  The hard case also has a button strap where you can attach it to your bag.

2.  The lens are unbreakable.  Ok this might not be so impressive since I don’t intend to jump on them, but imagine you are cycling and you accidentally ride over them.  You don’t have to be afraid that you are going to break them.  On the packaging there’s even a picture of them trying to smash the glasses with a hammer. There’s no scratches and no cracks.

3.  The photochromic lens are reactive to changes in light.  It starts off as clear lens and tints between 0-80%.

4.  The photo lens is seamless and I didn’t even notice that they had already changed tints.  Initially when I wore the sunglasses I thought they weren’t working, but in fact they had already tinted about 80%.

5.  The sunglasses are extremely light weight.  It is made out of carbon and titanium.

6.  The sunglasses initially was too tight around my head, but the tips of the sunglasses are adjustable.  They bend up down and sideways so you can customize it to fit the shape of your head.

7.  If the nose piece is too tight around your nose, the nose piece is also adjustable.

8.  Everything is so clear.  Even when the lens change color, the view you see still stays the same as if you were not wearing them.

These glasses will be great when I’m cycling.  I don’t want to be juggling between sunglasses when I’m cycling transitioning from late afternoon to evening.    I’ve even worn these sunglasses when I”m running outside at night.  It’s perfect to keep my eyes shielded from snow and rain getting into my eyes.   That reminds me! These photo lens will also help keep the bugs out of my eyes. I remember those trail running drills on Thursday nights in the summer.  Bugs would constantly fly into my eyes. I would rub my eyes not remembering my face and hands were covered in sunscreen and then my eyes would be burning.   These are a great find and highly recommended.  Check them out here.


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