Winter Running -15C What did I wear?

After suffering a long period of back pain, I’m back into running.  This is my 3rd time out this year and winter welcomes me into it’s snowy embrace. hahha Yes I love running in the snow even better when it’s snowing.  This morning there was a light snowfall but it was bitter cold – close to -21c.  I donned on my usual winter clothing.  I was a little cold starting off, but warmed up after 10 minutes.  Remembering not to over dress, here is what I wore:

I forgot to wear my Nike winter gloves, so my hands were frozen for a while.  I will also say that my even with my winter running tights my legs were still a little chilled.    I don’t plan to wear anything on top of my winter tights tho.   I just wore my normal socks, my feet were not cold.

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